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A community art project designed to spread hope around the globe.

Get featured in the upcoming illustrated novella,
New Growth.
Submissions currently open.


Change is really hard.

Let's get through it together.

If the last three years have proven anything, it's the power of community in overcoming hardship. Trying times are made easier when we go through them together.

The New Growth community art project has one simple mission: to spread hope around the world. We are compiling a collection of hopeful messages to help inspire hope and healing. Selected messages will be shared on social media, and our favourite pieces will be featured in the centerfold of our upcoming illustrated novella, titled New Growth.

Submit your artwork:

Order your free kit below. We'll send you a blank page and a postage-paid return envelope. Treat this page like a blank canvas! Create your message of hope in any medium you wish; paint, pencil, collage or simply handwritten.

We want to credit you for your work! Please include your name and social media handles on the back of your submission or on a separate page so we can properly acknowledge you. Entrants submitted without a name or contact method will be accepted, but may be published as an anonymous entry.


  • Submissions in the English or French language are accepted from artists globally.

  • Artwork containing vulgar or abusive language or imagery may be disqualified.
    (Profanity will be scrutinized depending on context. A well-placed F-bomb never hurt anybody.)

  • Please use the paper provided and do not extend or bleed beyond the page in any way.

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