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Q4 Independent Project



  1. Reflect on your growth and development over the past year

  2. Craft a plan for your continued growth and development for the next few years; and

  3. Identify your long-term goals


It’s my pleasure to welcome you to my goforum presentation for the last time.​ This is it; this one’s for all the marbles. One last chance to leave a lasting impression before I’m nothing more than a blinking box on a Teams call.

My name is Erin Kann, and I’m the Sr. Social Media Specialist here at goeasy. I’m sure by now you’re familiar with who I am and if you’ve visited our Facebook page or goeasy Academy, then you’re familiar with my work as well. You might also remember me from goforum Virtual Challenge Day—I’m the one that you came in second place to, remember?

This is the first presentation in goforum history which is a a personal assignment, so instead of laying out a plan in Powerpoint, I wanted to take the opportunity to take a risk. By the end of this presentation, I hope that you will have a better understanding of who I am as an individual outside of my role at goeasy, and what I hope to accomplish in life both, professionally as well as on a personal level. So without further adi allow my to introduce myself:

I’m Erin. I’m a writer. I’m an artist. I’m a storyteller. I care about the earth, I get angry about politics, and caring for the elderly breaks my heart. Like everyone else, I’m more than a job title, more than my salary, more than my trauma and more than my wardrobe.


In April of 2021 I’ll be celebrating 8 years in marketing. I didn’t choose marketing, though. It chose me. As a matter of fact, I failed at two careers before getting into the industry. I worked really hard to get to this point in my career and when I think about my future, goeasy and I have something in common…we’re just getting started.  

For this year-end project, I’ve done a lot of reflection on who I am today, what I’ve mastered and most importantly, what I have not mastered yet. To do that, I started at the very beginning. I re-read my goforum application that I wrote around this time last year. I re-read my journal entries, my Caliper assessment and FourSight personality assessment in order to get a strong sense of my development since January.


Alrthough I spent a lot of time studying my progress, I’ve spent most of my time while forming this project thinking about who I want to be in the future. I then used that vision of myself ten years from now to craft a path forward.

When I look out ten years into the future and think about who I want to see looking back at me in the mirror, there’s a few key things that settle in my mind. They are things that bring me intrinsic value and make me whole. I wrote them down, and then like any marketer worth their salt, I created a work-back schedule to traffic my goals.


Development Plan

Right now, I'm working on...

  • Time Management
  • Management Skills
  • Building Relationships

in five years,

i want to be...

  • A Professor
  • A Keynote Speaker
  • An author

In ten years, i want to be...

  • An Inspiration
  • A Distinguished Figure in Marketing
  • A humanitarian
  • A Notable Name in Canadian Arts & Culture
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