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"Focus on getting uncomfortable." 



Reach outside of my immediate circle. 

This will help me to refine my networking skills and to build rapport with my wider team. 


Focus on my personal brand. 

This will help me to establish myself as a subject matter expert. 


Forge new partnerships.

This will help me to seek out new opportunities such as benefit events to participate in. 

I enjoy teamwork and collaboration and I enjoy sharing successes. However, the Caliper assessment revealed some key areas where I’m still unrefined. Over the next year, I plan on working on building a stronger network and elevating my personal brand.


The Caliper assessment revealed that I’m a critical thinker, which resulted in a high score in Business Acumen. However, this same skill is limiting to my ability to create relationships outside of my immediate circle. The results showed a clear differentiation between my trust and collaboration with people I’m familiar with, and skepticism of those I haven’t built a rapport with. Untreated, this can create distance among peers. 


Networking is the single most important tactic that I can work on in order to build my professional brand. Establishing a strong network and building relationships with likeminded peers will help me achieve almost all of the goals I’ve outlined for myself. Most notably, it will help me reach my goals of becoming a keynote speaker and will assist in my goal of being a highly regarded marketing professional and a role model to young women. Networking may also help me to find a trustworthy partners to publish my books. I may be able to rely on a strong recommendation from an industry peer that may help me to become a professor.


Today, my work begins with nurturing relationships with people and intentionally focusing on putting myself out there and getting uncomfortable. 

Building Relationships 

Being a part of a larger community.

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Networking means

Recognizing that you're not an island.

Actions In Progress:

Click on the Skills below to reveal my short-term action plan. 

Work smarter, not harder. 


Click on the Skills below to reveal my short-term action plan. 

Focus on getting uncomfortable.

Click on the Skills below to reveal my short-term action plan. 

Rome wasn't built in a day. 


Becoming a Master Storyteller

View my Ten-Year Plan

In ten years, I plan to reap the fruit of the seeds I plant today. Learn more about my short-term goals. 

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