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"It’s the curse of a creative mind, we’re all disasters."

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Keep a detailed and up-to-date status document

This will help me to visualize what I have on my plate and manage expectations or reprioritize some tasks that are less urgent.


Review my calendar for  the day ahead nightly. 

This will help me stay ordanized and prepared for the days ahead. 


Prioritize work-life balance. 

You can't pour from an empty cup. This will help me to make time for my other responsibilities outside of work.

Time management is an attribute that I’ve identified for myself as an area of improvement. It was not addressed on any skills assessment or any group project this year, however I know that I need to consciously work on my time management skills. It’s the curse of a creative mind, we’re all disasters.


I know intuitively that I lack the confidence to say no to work when I’m overloaded, and I lack the ability to turn off at the end of the work day. 


These little habits will help me to become more organized, more disciplined and more prepared to achieve all of my other goals.


I am also planning to have a family in the next ten years and I want to spend quality time at home with my kids while still exceling at work. To me, time management is about efficiency but it is also about work-life balance. In order to succeed in business and achieve balance, I will need to practice now on managing my time effectively and prioritizing enough time for the things I care about most.


Time management also means not allowing myself to overwork, which has become a concern while we’re all working from home. It’s really hard to turn off when your desk is 5 paces from your bed. To keep myself motivated, I’ll hold on to the image of my 21-again-year-old self, in a stylish pantsuit, at home for dinner with my kids.

Time Management

Making time for yourself, too.

Time Management

Knowing how to log off, too.

Actions In Progress:

Click on the Skills below to reveal my short-term action plan. 

Work smarter, not harder. 


Click on the Skills below to reveal my short-term action plan. 

Focus on getting uncomfortable.

Click on the Skills below to reveal my short-term action plan. 

Rome wasn't built in a day. 


Becoming a Master Storyteller

View my Action Plan

In ten years, I plan to reap the fruit of the seeds I plant today. Learn more about my short-term goals. 

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