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"I can do this, but only if I put in the work."

Goal Setting

I structured my presentation around the vision I see for myself in ten years' time. In a decade from now, I’ll be… well, I’ll put it this way. My dog will be 13 years old and I’ll have transitioned from bottomless brunch to breakfast and zumba. I’ll be 21 again. The next time I celebrate my 21st birthday, I want to be able to say that I am to leading by example; I want to have  made a meaningful contribution to society; and I want to leave my mark on Canadian arts & culture. I chose these goals because they give me a sense of pride, achievement and fulfillment to think about. I chose the things I want to be known for. They encapsulate who I am as an individual. 


I believe I can do these things, beyond a shadow of a doubt, but only if I put in the work today. And there’s a few steps to climb between Social Media Specialist and becoming one of the greatest minds in marketing. So let’s take a closer look at where I am today, and how I plan on closing in on these goals.

Click on each goal to learn more about how I’m defining success.

Become a distinguished figure in the Canadian marketing industry


Make a meaningful contribution to Canadian arts & culture


Inspire the next generation of women in business.


Contribute to making the world a better place, 


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In ten years, I plan to reap the fruit of the seeds I plant today. Learn more about my goals. 

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