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Test, fail, iterate, repeat. That’s progress."


In that same journal entry from February, I also wrote about what I want my personal brand to be. I wrote, “I would like to be thought of as a master storyteller. That’s someone who can:  


  1. Tell a concise, engaging story

  2. Invoke emotion from the audience

  3. Take a dense, boring topic and make it simple and interesting 

  4. Take the audience on a journey, where they don’t fall off somewhere in the middle"

This program provided an excellent opportunity to take stock of the things I haven’t mastered yet. Goforum has been a formative experience in my career at goeasy and has accelerated my development as a future leader, a team player and a professional and for that, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been selected for the goforum class of 2020. 

I’ve been proudly punching above my weight since 2013, and I found a lot of success in saying yes to opportunities before I was ready. Not everything I’ve tried has been a success, but it has always worked out in my favour. In the digital space, we say, “test, fail, iterate, repeat”. That’s progress. If I’d become an HR Generalist who knows what I’d be doing now?


I can honestly say, thank god I failed! I hope I do it again sometime soon. 

Afterall, hindsight is… 2020. 

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